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What is Uncomma?

Uncomma is a content publishing platform with tools for crowdfunding and selling digital projects.

Publish for free

Publish a blog, newsletter, or short project on Uncomma for free without limits.

Crowdfund projects

Raise money from your fans and spend more time working on projects your audience wants.

Sell your content

Charge your audience a one-time fee for access to a project. Great for courses, books and other digital resources.

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Putting content behind a paywall on Uncomma
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June 05, 2020

Publish for free with no limits

You can publish as many projects with as much content as you want. We only make money when you do. We take 10% plus credit card fees on transactions that run through Uncomma.

How Uncomma works

Creator launches a project

The creator launches a project with a funding goal and a description of what they want to create.

The project will have a page on Uncomma that asks fans to pledge money.

Fans pledge money

Fans get exclusive access to the content as it is created in exchange for pledging money.

Payment info is collected and stored securely using Stripe. It will not be charged until the project reaches the funding goal. If the project is not successful, they will never be charged.

The project is funded

If the project reaches the funding goal before the deadline, it is considered funded.

The pledged money is charged and transfered to the creator. Now the creator can start making and publishing content.

When a new post is published in the project, the backers will get notified and have exclusive access.

New fans can purchase access

The creator can set a price and continue to charge for access to the content after the project is completed. That way, fans that did not back the crowdfunding campaign can still support the creator.

Launch a project today

Publish free, paid and crowdfunded projects today